Welcome to the new campaign

This campaign is designed to make it more about adventuring, story, and a world the characters can be part of, instead of moving through constantly looking to RFI (or cue the music if you are old school). Here’s how it will begin. Everyone rolls a character. 24d6, keep the best 18, no rerolls. Using the 3.5 PHB, make your character. There is a level limit. Characters can’t go past level six. They keep gaining XP. When they would gain a level beyond six, they gain a feat and skill points equal to 2 + int modifier. HP does not go up. You do not gain a level in a class, nor additional abilities in any class you have previously achieved. If you die, your next character comes in at level one. There is no such thing as magic item shopping. If your character hasn’t seen it, they’d have no idea they would want it. Wants will have to be researched. That takes in game time. Then you have to find someone who has one, or can make one. I recommend ranks in a profession. During off time, or time between episodes, that determines the living your character will make. else, you only make enough to cover basic costs of living. Once you hit level six, if you’ve discovered a new class (ranks in Knowledge local are your friend), whenever you level beyond that you can retrain a level, to any other class you are aware of. There will be opportunities to see other classes, but it may take a while.

This campaign is designed to be episodic, not a race to the finish. Also, there will be at least one major overarching quest woven in, but you will have to find the threads, and there will be plenty of false bait out there. I will populate the wiki on this site as we go. Check the site for updates on story, rumors, etc as we go on. Be sure to link to this campaign to come right here when you log in.

Six levels of Storytime

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